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Government employees have an obligation to their communities. The most important obligation is safety. If you or a loved one have been the victim to the negligence of a Government employee, you may need to seek legal assistance.Being a victim due to the negligence of a Government employee can be overwhelming. You may feel like the cards are against you. Injury In Idaho is a Coeur d’Alene attorney who has represented a number of government agencies in negligence cases. His experience working with these agencies is one of the many reasons he is qualified to handle your government liability case. He now focuses his efforts helping victims of these types of cases, as he finds it to much more rewarding and honorable.

Do I have a Government Liability Case?

Federal, state, and local governments are there to help regulate, organize, and keep things running. When a Government employee accepts this role, he is accepting the responsibility to keep the community safe, perform his duties to the best of his ability, and follow the appropriate conduct. If a Government employee has taken advantage of his position and you or a loved one have suffered serious injury due to government negligence, it’s important that you protect your rights, and make sure that you receive just financial compensation. Below are some common types of Government liability cases:
  • Police misconduct
  • Sexual abuse within the school system
  • Improperly marked construction zones
  • Foster care abuse
  • Negligent foster care placement
  • Mistreatment in prison/jail
  • Prosecutorial misconduct
  • Potholes
  • Serious injuries while on government property
  • Collisions caused by government motor vehicles
  • Poorly designed roadways
  • And more
If negligence is detected, the government employee may be held liable for your injuries as well as well as any emotional trauma you have experienced.

What will Injury In Idaho Law Firm do for me?

Government liability cases are extremely complex, and it may seem like you’re fighting a losing battle. With Injury In Idaho on your side, an Idaho government liability attorney who has practiced for over three decades handling cases like yours, rest assured — you are in good hands. Injury In Idaho are confident lawyers, who wants to provide all of his clients with the knowledge and care that will help them to feel fearless when fighting for their rights. After conducting an in-depth investigation, Injury In Idaho will employ his years of knowledge to present the evidence and protect your rights.

Call a Government Liability Lawyer today!

Injury In Idaho prides himself on his ability to help those suffering due to the negligence of others. A serious injury can have life-long effects on a person. Feeling a sense of closure may motivate you to move on from the incident, allowing you to find peace once again. Government liability cases are handled on a contingent fee basis, which means you pay no fee until your case is settled or you receive a monetary award at trial. Contact Injury In Idaho today for a free, confidential consultation.
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